Appropriate Sources of Nutrients
Get to Know What Your Pet Eats



Every ingredient in our Pet Chef Express™ pet food serves an important purpose. In addition to chicken or lamb, fish or venison, we add these carefully selected ingredients for a complete, balanced diet.

  • High quality animal proteins like eggs, meat and fish
  • Rice for energy
  • Oatmeal for its unique nutritional benefit
  • Carrots, celery, parsley, lettuce, watercress, spinach
  • Beet pulp to furnish the highest level of nutritional fiber with the best balance of soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Methionine and Lysine (essential amino acids)
  • Poultry fat, lecithin, vegetable and fish oil to condition the coat and for energy
  • Natural vitamins, including vitamin E for freshness
  • Omega 3 & 6
  • Natural minerals, including Glucosamine

Perhaps equally important is the list of things you won't find in Pet Chef Express™ food:

  • Artificial colors
  • Chemical preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT excess
  • Crude Fiber such as peanut hulls, rice bran, soy hulls or wheat bran which can damage the digestive tract

What Pet Chef Express™ means by Nutrition Made Simple-we use the highest quality ingredients blended by professionals to give your pet balanced pet food.

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Appropriate Sources of Nutrients

Vitamin A alfalfa, cod liver oil, eggs, fruit, fish, kelp, meat, meaty bones, vegetables bones, hair, immune and respiratory system's, skin, soft tissue, teeth
Antioxidants bilberry, cod-liver oil, fish, fruit, nuts, vegetables, vitamin C cells, free-radical damage, heart, immune system, joints
Vitamin B Complex alfalfa, eggs, fish, fruit, kelp, meat, meaty bones, veggies, nuts, seeds cells, eyes, gastrointestinal tract, hair, liver, nervous system, mouth, skin
Biotin alfalfa, eggs, fruit, fish, kelp, meat, nuts bone marrow, genes, glandular and metabolic system's hair, muscle, skin
Vitamin C alfalfa, fruit, kelp, meat, meaty bones, vegetables adrenal glands, blood, bones, capillary walls, cells, connective tissue, heart, mucous membranes, nervous system, teeth
Calcium alfalfa, bones, carob, eggshell, kelp, vegetables blood, bone, heart, muscles, nails, skin, soft tissues, teeth; circulatory, digestive, enzymatic, immune, nervous system
Carbohydrates fruit, vegetables, and grains brain, energy, nervous system
Choline eggs, fish, kelp, meat, nuts, seeds, vegetables adrenal glands, brain, kidneys, liver; cardiovascular, glandular, and nervous system's
Chromium alfalfa, vegetables, fruit, kelp, meat, meaty bones, nuts, seeds adrenal glands, brain, blood, heart, liver,white blood cells, circulatory and immune system's
Copper alfalfa, avocado, fish, kelp, nuts, meat, meaty bones, seeds, vegetables blood, bone, circulatory system, hair, skin
Vitamin D alfalfa, cod-liver oil, eggs, fish meat, meaty bones, sunlight bones, eyes, heart, kidney, glandular and nervous system's, skin, teeth
Vitamin E alfalfa, eggs, fish, kelp, meat, meaty bones, nuts, seeds, vegetables arteries, circulatory, heart, nervous and glandular system's, heart, lungs, skin
Fat animal skin and fat, avocados, eggs, fish, meat nuts, oils, poultry, seeds brain, energy, insulation, liver, blood, nervous system, nutrient utilization
Fluorine garlic, kelp, vegetables bones, blood, lymphatic system, teeth
Folic acid alfalfa, eggs, fish, fruits, meat, vegetables blood, glands, liver, reproductive system
Inositol fruit, kelp, meat, nuts, seeds, vegetables brain, hair, heart, intestines, kidneys, nerves, skin
Iodine alfalfa, eggs, kelp, fish, meat, meaty bones brain, glandular system
Iron alfalfa, eggs, fish, kelp, meat, meaty bones, vegetables blood, bone, metabolic system, muscles, nails, skin, teeth
Vitamin K alfalfa, cod-liver oil, eggs, fish, kelp, vegetables blood, bone, liver, gastrointestinal system
Magnesium alfalfa, fish, fruit, kelp, meaty bones, seeds, vegetables arteries, bones, cells, heart, nerves, teeth; digestive, immune, nervous, and reproductive system's
Manganese alfalfa, berries, eggs, kelp, meat, meaty bones, nuts, seeds, vegetables blood, bones, brain, immune system, liver, mammary glands, muscles, nerves
Molybdenum alfalfa, kelp, vegetables bones, cells, kidneys, liver, nitrogen metabolism
Phosphorus alfalfa, eggs, fish, kelp meat, meaty bones bones, brain, eyes, liver, muscles, nerves, teeth, circulatory and digestive system's
Potassium alfalfa, dates, fish, fruit, kelp, meat, meaty bones, vegetables blood, heart, kidneys, muscles, skin; endocrine, digestive, and nervous system's
Protein eggs, fish, meat, nuts, poultry, seeds acid/alkaline balance, energy, fluid balance, hair, hormones, immune system, muscles
Selenium alfalfa, eggs, fish, garlic, kelp, meat, meaty bones, vegetables enzyme and immune system, eyes, heart, pancreas, red blood cells, tissue elasticity
Silicon alfalfa, kelp, meaty bones, vegetables arteries, bones, connective tissue, hair, heart, nails skin
Sodium alfalfa, eggs, fish, kelp, meat, meaty bones, vegetables blood, lymphatic system, muscles, nerves
Sulfur eggs, fish, garlic, kelp, meat, meaty bones, vegetables blood, cells, liver, skin, soft tissue
Sunlight direct sunlight vitamin D absorption
Vitamin T eggs, sesame seeds blood, immune system
Vanadium fish, kelp, meat, meaty bones bones, cellular metabolism, heart, kidney, teeth
Water nutrient absorption, circulation, digestion, excretion
Zinc alfalfa, eggs, fish, kelp, meat, meaty bones, nuts, seeds blood, bones, eyes, heart, joints, liver

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Do you care what your pet is eating?

If so? then study the labels on the foods that you are currently feeding your pet. See for yourself the difference between our pet food and the national leading brands (these can be found on the web).

Ingredients are listed in order of their volume percentages. For example if Soybean is the first ingredient listed on the label, then Soybean is the major ingredient in your pet's food. Listed below are some ingredients we would like to bring to your attention.

Parts of the animal not fit for human consumption.

By products can include intestines, chicken heads, duckbills, chicken and turkey feet, feathers and bone. Ingredients listed as Chicken, Beef and Poultry by-products are not required to include actual meat. Rendered meat can include any mamal meat including cats and dogs.

Chemical additives used as preservatives. Ethoxyquin is regulated as a pesticide and cannot be added to human food.

These are ingredients such as feathers, soy, cotton hulls, corn cobs, peanut hulls, citrus pulp, screenings, weeds, straw and cereal by-products. Food company's claim these ingredients to be all-natural, and technically they are. The down fall is that your pet gets NO nutritional value from these fillers, and it creates more work for the POOPER-SCOOPER.

We at Pet Chef Express are proud to say that we only use all natural ingredients and preservatives. By using these ingredients your pet will get a little something from everything in our foods.

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